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Our Services

Whether you are needing a comprehensive eye examination, picking out glasses lenses or frames, wearing contact lenses for the first time, or having an emergency eye problem, Seitz Eye Care is your one stop to go. We even have specialty services that we can help you with too. Call us today to see what we can do for you!


Our Specialty Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Needing to check the visiona and health of your eyes? Check out our completely comprehensive eye examinations where we not only give you a prescription to pick out glasses, but we make sure the eyes are healthy.

Cataract Screenings

We help check into issues and eye conditions such as cataracts. With co-managing with eye surgeons we are able to help you get that cloud out of your vision.

Lasik, PRK, etc. Pre- & Post- Surgery Care

Interested in Lasik, PRK, etc., we can help with the Pre- & Post- Surgery and see how the eyes are doing.

Pediatric Vision Care

Is your child not seeing well? Do you think that there’s a development issue with your child? For any and all pedatric care see Seitz Eye Care to get the help they need.

Eyeglasses, Lenses & Frames

Are you needing to pick out new glasses with a current prescription? We have a great selection of quality eyeglasses, lenses & frames! Some of our brands we offer have a 1 year warranty! No appointment is needed to pick out new glasses. Our friendly staff will assist you in getting your dream pair of glasses or frames. We even do sunglasses!

Prescription or non-prescription sunglasses are very beneficial to your eyes, and we have them both.

Needing help reading the computer screen? Is the computer screen screaming at you with glare? Look into our computer lense options!

No matter the style of glasses/lenses you need we are here to help you find the perfect fit.

Contact Lenses

Interested in contact lenses for the first time? Needing more contact lenses? Need a reminder on how to take care of the contact lenses you have? Seitz Eye Care will be glad to assist you in our name brand, trustworthy contacts and if needed help you learn the ropes of contacts.

Dry Eye Care

Are your eyes dry? Do they seem to burn alot? Are you blinking more than normal but that doesn’t seem to help? We can help with that! We treat dry eye symptoms all the time. Because we live in a desert area this is really common and our doctors know what to do to help.

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