Our History

Dr. Jack Seitz moved from St. George, Utah with his wife Mildred Seitz to Vernal to work as an optometrist (eye doctor) in Danes Optical, in October 1960. The office was originally located in the old Hotel Vernal on Main Street in Vernal, Utah. Dr. Jack took over the business and named it Seitz Eye Care shortly after starting at Danes Optical.

Dr. Jack had his second youngest child, Dr. Gordon Seitz, join with him at Seitz Eye Care after graduating from Southern California College of Optometry, the same school that Dr. Jack Seitz went to for studies in Optometry, later in 1990.

Dr. Neldon Seitz joined Seitz Eye Care with his older brother and his father after graduation from SCCO as well. They also had their brother-in-law & son-in-law Tod Tesar join the business as a board certified optician before Dr. Jack sold the three young men the business around 2001. Dr. Jack continued to work at Seitz Eye Care with his family until 2010 when he retired.

Dr. Jack Seitz has since passed away in May 2022, but his sons and son-in-law continue to run Seitz Eye Care.

Since October 1960 and continuing onward, Seitz Eye Care will be here for your eye care needs with the Tradition of Quality Eye Care & Products to suite your needs.

Meet Our Current Doctors

Dr. Neldon S. Seitz OD

Dr. Neldon S. Seitz OD

Dr. Neldon S. Seitz OD (Optometrist) was born and raised in Vernal, UT. He is the youngest of his siblings. Dr. Neldon went to SCCO like his father and his brother (Dr. Gordon A. Seitz). Dr. Neldon is currently on a mission for his church from July 2020 to July 2023. He specializes in general and specialty contact lens fitting, diagnosis in management of ocular diseases, and is a hospital consultant for ocular trauma and disease. He did his residency in hospital based optometry in Alabama.

Dr. Gordon A. Seitz OD

Dr. Gordon A. Seitz

Dr. Gordon A. Seitz was born in Vernal, Utah to Jack & Mildred Seitz. He is the second youngest child in the family. Dr. Gordon attended and graduated from Southern California College of Optometry. He joined his father Dr. Jack Seitz in 1990 at Seitz Eye Care. Dr. Gordon specializes in medical eye emergencies to specialized eye care needs from general eye care to more attentive needs for all ages.

Dr. Bret J. Butterfield OD

Dr. Bret J. Butterfield

Dr. Bret J. Butterfield was born and raised in Riverton, Utah. He graduated from Southern College of Optometry specializing in Pediatric Eye Care. Dr. Butterfield moved to Vernal, Utah to start working at Seitz Eye Care mid 2014. Dr. Bret specializes in pediatric eye care needs & specific eye care needs for all ages, as well as in medical eye emergencies for all ages.