Quality Contact Lenses

Let us help you see better with contact lenses!

Interested in contact lenses for the first time? Wanting help getting the right fit for your contacts? Needing more contact lenses? We’ve got your contact lens needs taken care of! Call us today to see what we can do to get you into those lenses that will make a world of difference, and are not going to give you any issues if you treat the lenses with care. We can start your contact lens adventure & we can supply you with your new sets of contacts. If we don’t have your brand in stock we can ship it directly to you at your house for FREE, just pay for them up front and no additional charge to get them to you directly for free. See the world in a whole new way from Seitz Eye Care’s quality selection of Contact Lenses!


Yes, we can ship your contact lenses to you directly for free! We just need payment up front to send them to you wherever you are.

We can get you started with your adventures in contact lenses. If you’ve never worn contacts before we’ll get you prepped and ready with a first time lesson on the in’s and out’s of contact lens care and make sure they are fitting your eyes properly with the right lenses.

Quality Contact Lenses are doctor approved, trustworthy materials and manufacturing, and name brands that care about what goes on your eyes as much as we do. By using trusted quality contact lenses you are helping your eyes be healthy and happy than if you don’t.

Some vision insurances will cover contact lenses. If your insurance covers it, and you want to order contact lenses don’t forget that tax is not covered by insurance. Call us today to see if your insurance will cover contact lenses!

Quality Contact Lenses

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