Comprehensive Eye Exams

Are you noticing that you aren’t seeing as well as you did at one time? Do things seem blurry up close or far away? Think you need glasses or contact lenses? Not only will we help you see better, but we will check the health of your eyes, and if there’s anything our doctors see that is not ordinary, we have special testing equipment that can help us know if you need to see a specialist. See Seitz Eye Care Comprehensive Eye Exam difference by making an appointment today!

Medical Eye Emergencies

Did you get something stuck in your eye, or feel like it is infected? Noticed a floating object in your vision? Did you get welding burn? Something just not right in your eyes? Call us today to see what we can do to get your eye emergencies taken care of! All of our optometrists (eye doctors) are specialized in medical eye emergencies and can get you the help you need to get your medical eye needs taken care of.

Quality Contact Lenses

Interested in contact lenses for the first time? Wanting help getting the right fit for your contacts? Needing more contact lenses? We’ve got your contact lens needs taken care of! Call us today to see what we can do to get you into those lenses that will make a world of difference, and are not going to give you any issues if you treat the lenses with care. We can start your contact lens adventure & we can supply you with your new sets of contacts. If we don’t have your brand in stock we can ship it directly to you at your house for FREE, just pay for them up front and no additional charge to get them to you directly for free. See the world in a whole new way from Seitz Eye Care’s quality selection of Contact Lenses!

Quality Eye Glasses, Lenses, Frames

Needing something to be able to see and don’t want to break the bank? Wanting a quality pair of glasses? Needing new lenses in your current frame? Wanting a new frame for your current lenses or new lenses? Look no further than Seitz Eye Care’s quality selection of frames, lenses & glasses! We take many insurances that cover a new pair of glasses or lenses and frames. Needing new lenses for your current frame and don’t want to break the bank? No worries, we can do that with quality lenses to fill a current prescription. Wanting a whole new pair with a one year warranty? Yep, we do that! On a budget, or want a backup pair of glasses? Not a problem, we have lenses and frames that won’t break the bank at all, and are quality. Call us today to see what we can do for you eye glasses needs today!

Pre & Post Operative Care

Looking to do Lasik or PRK eye surgery? Needing a cataract removed with care? Wanting quality care before and after the surgery? You got it at Seitz Eye Care! If you are planning on doing an eye surgery to improve your vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses, our doctors can help you with the pre- and post- operative care. Before and after surgery our doctors can get you the care you need without going to the city multiple times just to have a pre-test or a post-operative care exam. We use quality specialty surgeons that can sometimes come out to the Uintah Basin and we can do the follow up care still in the Uintah Basin, no need to leave for the city. Call us today to see what we can do to help you get that surgery you need to get back to health eyes again!